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We are revolutionizing the industry by making training more efficient, accessible and professional, giving schools and agents the right tools for scalability and time to focus on the students and building relationships.

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  • Get reports
  • Scale your reach
  • Automate onboarding process
  • Focus your time on building relationships

Be part of the fastest growing training

ecosystem of our industry

Key Features for Schools

Landing page

Invite your network to follow your page. You control who can access your training and resources


Use videos, text, files and quizzes following our Microlearning Methodology


List the most common documents you share with agents and never send them by email again


Create automatic certificates of completion for your users


Know exactly who has seen your training. Make decisions based on data and processes based on interactions

Smart Connections

Invite your agents once and give automatic access to its employees despite the turnover

Segmentation Tools

Create content for specific audiences


Know exactly when your agents interact with your training

Why do schools love TrainHub?

  • It saves hundreds of hours of repetitive tasks that can be dedicated to building relationships and reaching new markets
  • On-demand means no more training calls at inconvenient hours due to time-zone differences
  • Reports help automating processes when signing or renewing agent contracts
  • Finally a tool built for scalability, helping to keep up with staff turnover at the agencies
  • Data helps creating more effective communication channels inside and outside of TrainHub

Be part of the fastest growing training

ecosystem of our industry

Key Features for Agents

Training On-demand

Connect with your partner schools to get their training and create your own onboarding training for your staff


Control which training your staff should prioritize when onboarding


Access your partner schools´ resources and create your own, making it easily accessible to your organization


Get official certifications every time you finish a training


Get a clear idea of where your team is at in terms of training. Automate and monitor the onboarding process

Smart Connections

Ask your partner schools to give you access to their profile and enjoy their most up-to-date information

Segmentation Tools

Have full control on who can manage your teams and how they access content


Stay up-to-date with your partner schools´ training. Receive notifications every time a training you have interacted with gets updated or new content is available

Why do agents love TrainHub?

  • It decreases the staff´s onboarding time by more than 50%
  • The convenience of having all training and resources in one place vs having to register in an “agent site” for each of the 50+ (avg) institutions they represent
  • The consistency on the information improves the services and creates accountability
  • Training on-demand means no more invitations to webinars at the same time they are busy meeting with students
  • Certificate of completion helps building credibility with students
  • Automating most of the training efforts allows for a scalability never before possible

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