Recruitment Partner
Management System

Keep full visibility and control of your network of Recruitment Partner/Agents and keep track of all the important information needed to be compliant with most regulators including: contracts, renewal dates, branch locations, completion of your mandatory training by each staff and more.

The RP Management system also includes an Activity Log which allows you to keep track of any important interaction with your recruitment partner including office visits, training in person, marketing contributions and any major interaction or communication.

LMS + Training Ecosystem

Our powerful LMS and leading training ecosystem was carefully designed with the specific needs of educational institutions and their interaction with recruitment partners in mind.

Easily create your recruitment partner training, add resources and make it available to your network in a few simple steps saving hundreds of ours on repetitive tasks.

Our advanced reports allow you to monitor the progress of each recruitment partner and be audit ready if needed for compliance.

Compliance Map

In a simple visual way you can contrast your own network of recruitment partners with the completion of at least one of your training. This map will allow your recruitment managers to easily identify the countries that need more attention or promotion to guarantee training compliance.

Additionally, you can also map your own network of Recruitment Partners to the completion of other publicly available compliance or destination training hosted or integrated with TrainHub such as the “Ethical Business Practices in International Student Recruitment” and soon the British Council’s “UK agent and counsellor certified training”.

Offline Certification Tool

Track every training effort made outside of TrainHub by sending a certificate for the equivalent of a training content hosted on TrainHub. By using our Offline Certification Tool you can send individual or bulk certificates every time you train your RPs live and measure all the training efforts made by your recruitment team.

The combination of tracking the on-demand training and the live training will give you the most accurate information of all your efforts and improve your compliance score when needed.

Advanced Reporting

Our advance reports allow you see the bigger picture and go deep in detail as much as you need. You can view and export reports as needed and give access to specific teammates depending on their roles and responsibilities.

We are always keeping a close look into what regulators expect from educational institutions and add filters, reports and functionalities to help our clients to be audit-ready and compliant.

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